Weapons Management Systems

Weapons systems are too mission critical to risk with a poor integration. Enhance your capability, safety, and effectiveness without compromise.

We take a unique approach to designing weapons systems that is generating significant attention among the international military user base. We believe that WMS systems are complicated enough without adding to confusion with a poorly designed human interface, so we focus on actually making weapons management systems... well.. manageable. By taking the guess-work out of operating and configuring weapons and stores, you increase safety and effectiveness. We’ve also focused on minimizing SWaP, reducing the average system down to just 2 light weight components and an HD touch/bezel display. When seconds count, you don’t need to be fighting with another expensive paperweight. Get to the fight fast, and engage with confidence.


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Seamlessly integrated systems are a crafted blend of technology and beauty. To us, it is a form of art.

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You depend on us to deliver accurate and reliable results every time. We strive to deliver consistent quality.

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Analytical, logistical, technical, administrative, consultation, and more. Let our experience guide you now and throughout your systems lifecycle.

Recommended Product

Digital Weapons Management System

Tek Fusion's Digital Weapons Management System (DWMS) is designed from the ground up with a cutting edge object-based graphical user interface (GUI) developed by former special operations aviators based on real-world experience. DWMS is a software-based configurable system with a hardware ARM-SAFE infrastructure. DWMS is designed to readily support both legacy and emerging weapons systems in a tactically optimized manner, while reducing size, weight, and power.

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