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Digital mobility is the future. Maximize your portability with customizeable, purpose-built tactical applications on high performance mobile devices

It's easy to see that most of the commercial world has adopted mobile devices, but the tactical world is still catching-up. Many organizations struggle with adopting mobile capabilities due to implementation cost, or, often they have issues with adapting "off-the-shelf" solutions to their own differing policies, procedures, and tactics. In light of this, we are empowering our customers with custom mobile solutions that are less costly than many commercial options, and uniquely customized to function fully complementary to your organization’s traditional workflow.

A common challenge is using proprietary “ultra-rugged” hardware devices that are costly, underperform, and have limited availability. Our custom mobile solutions embrace better commercial options that are affordable, more easily acquired and replaced, and are much easier to integrate with common accessories.

With tactical air, ground, and sea navigation, remote hardware control, chat and collaboration, mission data interoperability, electronic flight publications, performance planning software tools, systems status monitoring, and more, we‘ll build exactly what you’ve been searching for.

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Recommended Product

Tactical Electronic Flight Bag (TACPLAN Pro)

Designed by former SOF personnel, The TACPLAN Pro package is designed to complement the tactical aviator’s mission cycle with unique tools optimized for each phase. Each component targets reducing workload on difficult or time consuming tasks by simplifying operator workflow and allowing users to template configurations and datasets to suit their needs.

TACPLAN Pro leverages an integration of our navigation and planning modules to provide advanced weight and balance, performance planning, digital publications, mission planning, mission execution, and post-mission analysis feature sets, all from a highly interoperable, lightweight mobile device. Everything needed for “Plan-Brief-Execute-Debrief” in the palm of your hand, and always right there when you need it.


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