Export Compliance

Export compliance isn't one big task, it's a combination of countless smaller components that are each critical to meet in order to be considered compliant.

Export compliance is the responsibility of each employee and a top priority of the TFG management team. It is a common misconception that you have to physically ship something physical out of the country to be considered "exporting". The truth is that an export is exchanging anything, including tactile objects or even information, with a foreign national or organization, even if the exchange occurs within the continental United States. There is no real limit on how "small" a disclosure or transaction can be, or on how it occurs, so it is important to be extremely aware of all procedures, regulations, and restrictions in all international activities.

Our ability to deliver the best technical solutions, anywhere in the world, depends on our active compliance with all applicable export, import and other trade compliance laws and regulations of all countries in which we operate. It is possible that export compliance can slow progress in some circumstances, which is why we are forward and proactive in seeking to establish compliance procedures with our affiliates as early as possible, whenever we determine it is applicable.

Tek Fusion Global, Inc. ensures compliance with the following regulatory guidance:

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