Multi-Role/Mission Platforms

When your mission calls for flexibility, you need a platform that can rapidly adapt capabilities to meet the demands of your environment.

When you are faced with a variety of threats and missions you need a platform that can respond appropriately. Many organizations, especially in the special operations community, are discovering that gunships and heavy attack craft lack the flexibility needed to meet today's close quarters fight. Multi-role platforms are finding renewed value in their ability to adapt and reconfigure quickly, and have become a favorite across the globe. The multi-role variant is finding use by governments and military authorities in missions such as light attack, close-air support, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), utility, cargo, and passenger transport.

The flexibility offered by the multi-role vehicle concept isn't restricted to military purposes, however, and is as useful in other industries, from law enforcement to aerial photography. Virtually any organization can find significant benefit in maximising the utility of a platform by intuitively designing a variety of mission-oriented configurations that best enables them to achieve their goals without the budget of heavier equipment. Tek Fusion multi-role integrations combine our expertise with subject matter experts and leverage top industry consultants to achieve the right mix of roles and capabilities for you, regardless of your unique requirements or environment.

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