Weapons Management Systems

You need to lose weight, not capabilities. Tek Fusion's WMS solutions are fully scalable to meet any customer's requirements keeping SWaP in mind without sacrifice to mission effectiveness.

Tek Fusion's array of weapons management systems (WMS) covers a wide spectrum of solutions for customers with disparate mission sets and budget.  From an entry level gun and rocket system to a fully integrated digital cockpit capable of providing targeting guidance and situational awareness for precision guided weapons, Tek Fusion's WMS architecture is the answer.  Developed by former special operations aviators based on real-world experience, Tek Fusion's tailored and scalable WMS solutions are sure to meet any customer's demands with costs in mind.  Tek Fusion ensures that only the most current and modern components are used with obsolescence in mind.  All WMS are designed to readily support both legacy and emerging weapons systems in a tactically optimized manner, while reducing size, weight, and power.


Regardless of which scalable WMS in use, the customer can incorporate the aircraft’s EO/IR monitor as the WMS interface using a touchscreen and/or bezel driven GUI.  Tek Fusion has proven experience having fully integrated with FLIR and L-3 WESCAM Gen II sensors. Critical EO/IR functions can be controlled through the user interface. The system provides aircraft steering commands and targeting overlays to guide the pilot into the proper launch constraints. This reduces pilot workload, and improves the probability of hitting the target.

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Our engineered solutions are a combination of the right blend of products and services for a given customer. This results in a complete end-to-end capability paired with the necessary support to ensure it is employed effectively.