Roll On/Roll Off & Hybrid Systems

When your mission calls for rapid reconfiguration and lightweight capabilities, a roll-on/roll-off system design facilitates delivery without the overhead.

How fast can you reconfigure your mission platform with a new full-scope capability? What additional equipment does it require? Can it be updated easily without major modifications to the platform? These questions are often left with sub-par answers due to the complications involved with permanently integrating modern technologies - so much so that many will opt not to support a mission set. Whether it be regulatory complications, SWaP issues, or sensitive environments, these challenges can often be solved with out-of-the-box thinking, solutions-oriented engineering, and roll-on/roll-off design principles.


It is all too common for an organization to spend years integrating a component to find that component obsolete by the time it is fielded, resulting in diminished effectiveness from the start. With Tek Fusion's experienced engineering team you can design a capability that minimizes the "A-Kit" footprint of permanently installed components, resulting in a system that can be more flexible to upgrades, changes, and enhancements. Imagine a complex integration that you can carry onboard, connect, and employ in minutes rather than hours or days. Imagine upgrading or replacing a major component in days or weeks instead of months or years. Sounds good? Contact us now to find out how you can re-think your own integration strategy.

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The Battlestation

Tek Fusion's PATHFINDER Mission Management System and Digital Weapons Management System have been successfully employed on a self-contained roll-on-roll-off (RO/RO) operator workstation configured for Armed ISR operations. The system provides a touchscreen user interface, LRU mounting provisions, power distribution onboard a certified structure that can easily detach for safe transport and storage.


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