Mission Management Systems

Our Mission Management Systems tame the mighty beast without declawing it. Take control of your integrated systems with confidence.

With in-house software and hardware engineering teams, we have the capability to build fully complete turn-key Mission Management Systems to meet demanding multi-mission platform requirements. We can develop a system ground-up from the component-level design and specification. We'll produce the manuals, and documents, and handle the logistics of production and delivery.

With our experienced quality assurance engineers and experimental test pilot team, we design and complete the necessary tests and documentation required to confirm the system performs exactly as it’s supposed to. Finally, we produce and execute the training to use it effectively, and set you up with a dedicated support framework to carry on into the future.


Special Operations Forces (SOF) in joint coalitions around the world often use a common targeting principle known as F3EAD, or “Find, Fix, Finish, Exploit, Analyze, Disseminate”. This principle is intended to show how direct action tactics (Find, Fix, Finish) should seamlessly flow to and from intelligence operations (Exploit, Analyze, Disseminate).


Each phase of the cycle is critical for success and needs to transition effectively into the next phase. Our integrations and solutions designers have taken heed of this operational principle and simplified it to “Plan, Execute, Debrief” to find broader compatibility with military and non-military organizations. We believe in designing solutions from the end-user perspective, ensuring that our design supports and enhances all of the user’s related tasks, not just the primary functional goals.

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Exhaustive research, meticulous attention to detail, and experience are the key to excellent design.

Systems Integration

Seamlessly integrated systems are a crafted blend of technology and beauty. To us, it is a form of art.

Test & Qualification

You depend on us to deliver accurate and reliable results every time. We strive to deliver consistent quality.


Structured, immersive training empowers you with full confidence in yourself and your equipment.

Export Compliance

You can Depend on our active compliance with all applicable export, import and other trade compliance laws and regulations of all countries in which we operate.

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PATHFINDER™ is a customizable Mission Management System (MMS) that has been meticulously designed by a team of former special operations aviators based on real-world experience. Already fielded on NorthStar Aviation's highly successful Bell 407GX platform, PATHFINDER™ is proven to maximize utility and ease of use with seamless integration of onboard systems. The architects behind PATHFINDER™ understand the critical needs and challenges of the operator, and are dedicated to delivering the best end-user experience possible.

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