INTRLink Software

Every organization chooses their equipment to suit their mission set and their organic needs. What happens when multiple organizations need to collaborate in real-time?

INTRLink is a revolutionary custom designed network gateway and device management application that allows multiple disparate operational communities to exchange voice, video, and metadata despite having completely different hardware systems. Once integrated, INTRLink becomes the Rosetta Stone of tactical digital communications, enhancing real-time interaction and situational awareness. While the INTRLink system was designed with defense in mind, the concept is applicable cross-industry for virtually any implementation where multiple tactical radios of different varieties need to be cross-compatible.

INTRLink is currently compatible with (but not limited to) the following systems:

  • Harris Falcon III Series and STT (Link16 capable) Tactical Radios
  • Trellisware Tactical Radios
  • Persistent Systems Wave Relay Tactical Radios
  • SNC Traxx Software


  • Enhances persistent communications coverage
  • Bridges common tactical waveforms
  • Improves compatibility with Link16 networks
  • Enhances range extension for aerial and/or ground MANET and Mesh networks
  • Connects tactical "customers" to airborne platforms and C4ISR equipment
  • Enhances situational awareness and common operating picture with metadata sharing

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